When was the last time you heard a good story? I mean, sat down, listened and enjoyed the sound of a really good story? That long? hummmm.

I love a good story. And… I love a good story teller even more.

My family had some wonderful story tellers. Folks who could weave a tale so lively, so vibrant and so full of the loving promise of life that the hearing of it would lift the heaviest hearts, setting them aloft on wings of hope.

For that reason I aspired to be a story teller and a poet. Each being the next best thing to the other. In fact, hardly any difference since poems are, in their purest form, nothing more than short stories and longer stories being nothing more than epic poems.

I love stories. I love writing them, reading them and telling them. So I do.

Here, I present some of my favourites. Most have been published before, some have not. And, lest you have a mind to present them as your own, all are copyrighted.